8-11 FEBRUARY 2021

A word from the BSG Hopkins Endoscopy Prize winner

David Sanders, University of Sheffield

I am delighted to be the recipient of the BSG Hopkins Endoscopy Prize – yippee 🙂

I hope you will find the time to attend the BSG and not just for my talk! I have been attending the annual meeting for 20 years and I still view it as the highlight of the BSG calendar year. Why? It is a chance to find out what is happening in your field of medicine, what is current, what is new and what may be coming over the horizon. Often I find it reassuring to discover that my practice is not too far away from colleagues viewed as experts in the field. There are always little nuggets of clinical gold that change my clinical practice. I could never get this information from reading papers and I suspect you like me don’t have the time to do this. Most of all I enjoy the camaraderie of being a member of the BSG and catching up with colleagues and friends around the country who I don’t get to see often enough in the course of our busy lives. So this is just my little plea to come and support this meeting.

I hope to see you there.