8-11 FEBRUARY 2021

Why I am attending the BSG Annual Meeting

Tony Tham, Ulster Hospital

I am attending the BSG annual meeting because of the cutting edge research being presented from around the UK. There will be many talks translating how the latest research and innovations can be utilised in our daily practice. Unlike other international meetings, there are unique opportunities to find out how new work can be seen and implemented from the British perspective. There will be many service papers describing how innovative service redesign can improve patient care. The other strength of this meeting is the opportunity to network with colleagues from around the country. Very often, I learn a lot from speaking to them about what they do in their practice. For example, some years ago, I learnt about virtual clinics before they were formally presented. The conference offers a good balance of relaxation with social events in the evenings, which is a good example of work life balance! I hope to come away from the meeting with many new ideas that will change my daily practice.